1000+ contacts/month with potential partners, clients, candidates,
investors all over the world

Big B2B contracts from LinkedIn for your business

LinkedIn - the world's #1 professional global network with 900,000,000 users
LinkedIn - професійна глобальна мережа №1
у світі з більш ніж 1 000 000 000 користувачів.
Social Expert is a sales extended team that provides services for B2B companies and becomes a part of your business for a designated period of time.

We are a team of professionals that understands your pains and goals and work hard towards creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Who is suitable for lead generation with Linkedin?

Software Developers
Developers, Realtors
Digital Agencies
Couches, Concultants

Assigned Team

Deliverability Specialist:
  • Maintenance deliverability on a daily basis
  • Providing assistance with DMARC, SPF records
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Creating and editing templates
Project Manager:
  • Updating and guiding team
  • Providing report
  • Arranging weekly syncs
  • Handling communication between both parties
Outreach Sales Development Representatives:
  • Maintenance outreach process on a daily basis
  • Reaching out to new prospects
  • Categorizing prospects answers
  • Common objections handling
  • Transferring Complex Opportunities to PaceForwarding team
  • Following up prospects
  • CRM management
  • Snovio
  • Reporting and statistic

Market Research Specialists:
  • Forming DataBase
  • Collecting Decision-Makers contact details
  • Validating DataBase
  • Uploading new prospects into CSV-file
What you need to get started:
  • Linkedin profile of the company representative (preferably already existing)
  • Clear understanding of what we will offer and to whom
  • Marketing materials (presentations, case studies)
  • A person from your company who will correspond with potential customers

What leads from LinkedIn look like

We guarantee at least 1000 contacts per month
with your potential customers

By scaling the number of accounts and their quality, you will be able to receive as many customers
from anywhere in the world, as many as your business can handle

Stages of project launch and cooperation:
to match the audience (industry, geolocation, staff size, decision makers) and the offer (cooperation, partnership, product)
Gathering the target audience
based on the client's portrait, the audience is collected on the relevant resources and a database of profiles in LinkedIn is formed
Create and approve a series of messages
based on the offer and target audience, we create and coordinate all messages on LinkedIn
Setting up a newsletter
preparation of all technical tools
with all popular CRMs with automatic assessment of the degree of interest of a potential customer in the offer using AI
Setting up alerts
notify your sales managers of new leads via Telegram, email, etc.
Launch and adjust the campaign
tracking process performance and making adjustments to improve efficiency
Content planning
for company pages and the profile of your company representative
Weekly report
providing statistics on conversions: acceptance rate, reply rate.
Feedback from our customers
What results you will get:
  • Regular Zoom calls with potential partners, clients, investors, and employees
  • Increase the subscriber base that will follow your posts
  • 1000+ sent invites per month
  • 250+ new subscribers per month
  • 100+ responses from potential customers of partners per month
Prices for lead generation service
1 month
1 account
3 months
1 account
6 monts
1 account

Our contacts

Ukraine, Kyiv. Sichovykh Striltsiv 10/45

+38 099 240 68 75

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