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Helping businesses achieve KPI in online sales in international and local markets
Why Choose Us?
We've been trusted by our clients with projects totalling over $11 million
Projects completed for markets in the USA, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan
9 years of professional experience in performance marketing


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Companies that trust us

Unfortunate situations in which our clients found themselves before they met us:

Inability to predict campaign outcomes and profitability due to misuse of analytics tools
Incorrect ads management and lack of re-targeting model
Lack of changes in communication at different stages of the sales funnel, leading to a decrease in the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and budget overruns
Frequent change of contractors, resulting in situations when each subsequent iteration should have been improved but was not

Our main goal is maximizing ROAS.

Strong expertise in branding, creative input, traffic and analytics allow us to consistently get project leads for an affordable price.

Social Expert Team

Our Workflow

Briefing. Goal setting and KPI.
Project plan and roadmap development
Communication strategy development
Project scaling
Test period launching
Coming up with creative ideas

We work in the following channels


Our Approach

We design a detailed user path based on in-depth analytics and research of consumer behavior
We develop website or app traffic management models to track and optimize each step of the sales funnel
Together with the client, we develop unit economy for each advertising campaign. ROAS is the primary KPI
We develop communication strategies for the acquisition and retargeting stages, providing dynamic communication models, reducing the cost of the lead, and increasing engagement rates.
We understand your customer
We design a sales funnel
We provide correct predictions for performance indicators
We reduce the cost of results

We Work With


Video Reviews

Hello! My name is Anton Peretyaka, I am an entrepreneur.

In addition to the digital agency Social Expert, I am a co-owner of the Ukraine’s largest chain of virtual reality clubs CUBE and cyber clubs PvP Zone

I trained 1000+ entrepreneurs in lead generation at the Target Bootcamp project. And I have advised more than 100 businesses in personal consulting on business model and marketing.

Therefore, like no one else, I understand the problems of small business. I have assembled a team that do not just make websites, post photos in social media and set up traffic.

The Social Expert team knows exactly which business indicators must be tracked and measured in order to achieve results.

Our goal is to make you the market leader in your niche and achieve this at least 3 times faster than you would do it yourself.
Who is responsible for the result?

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